Our Feast

We are planning on holding a Contest on the Art of Courtly Love during the feast. Details are still being worked out.

Our Chef for the evening is THL Annyse Lionstone. Course One: Rye Bread, Herbed Butter, Hard Boiled Eggs, Kielbossa Bean Soup and Spiced Honey Nuts. Course Two: A Platter of Smoked Meats (Turkey, Beef, Pork), Cameline Sauce, Garlic Sauce and Lombardy Mustard, a rice pilaf, Compost and a Winter Vegetable Salat. Drinks are Lemonade, Tea and Sekanjabin. The recipes and ingredient list will be available that day. Please register ahead of time if you want the vegetarian choices. Any other dietary restrictions or comments should be sent to annyselionstone@yahoo.com
There will be limited off board seating. PLEASE NOTE: THE SITE IS BONE DRY!